Marcin Ryczek’s photography exhibition: “The Moment”.

Marcin Ryczek’s photography exhibition: “The Moment”.


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Marcin Ryczek’s virtual photography exhibition “The Moment” is now open!

Another virtual exhibition organized by Limited Edition Gallery was inaugurated on Monday , June 20, 2016. This is an exhibition of works by Marcin Ryczek, the author of award-winning photographs, winner of the Grand Prix International Fine-Art Photography Award and creator of the now legendary photo “A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow,” which has moved millions of people around the world. The exhibition entitled. “The Moment” was devoted entirely to the work of the Krakow photographer. Explaining the symbols and clichés hidden in the works, he does so in a rather unusual and subversive way, referring at the same time to the source of Ryczek’s international success. The exhibition was made available entirely online.

Marcin Ryczek was born in Lublin. He went to Krakow to study computer graphics, but it was photography that always interested him the most. Fascinated by the city, he created the “Unknown Krakow” project, documenting little-known and charming corners of the capital of Malopolska, which are in vain to be found in tourist guides. His career breakthrough came in 2013 when, after many attempts, he managed to capture a frame depicting a man on the banks of the Vistula River, surrounded by swans. The work went online, where it was seen by millions of people in a short period of time. The photo quickly attracted the interest of the international media: it could be seen, among others. in The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK), Der Spiegel (Germany), La Repubblica (Italy), Politiken (Denmark), 20 Minuten (Switzerland), Athens Voice (Greece), The Daily Telegraph (Australia) and in National Geographic magazines around the world. The Huffington Post also hailed it as one of the most moving photos of 2013.

Our goal was to present Marcin Ryczek’s work in a slightly broader context,” says Iwona Staroszczyk, the originator of the exhibition and owner of the Limited Edition contemporary art gallery. Countless new photographs are produced every day. However, it is impossible to pass by Ryczek’s photos indifferently, as they are extremely universal and have a very strong effect on our imagination. The power of these photographs is precisely the way they establish a dialogue with us, make us stop, think, remind us that this everyday life of ours hides a second bottom in a purely human sense: no matter what point of life we are in, latitude or culture. “The Moment” is a journey together with these extraordinary photos.

Also worth noting is the virtual dimension of the exhibition the project is available to visitors via the Internet. Any person can take part in the event, all you need is a computer, tablet or cell phone with Internet access.

The Internet nowadays serves as a great art gallery and is perfect for presenting the entirety of an artist’s work,” reveals Marcin Ryczek, “ Technology has helped me develop my photographic vision for many years, so I am glad that it is my photographs that have been honored in this way.

The exhibition will run until August 30, 2016.

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The Moment

Marcin Ryczek’s photographs can be seen as a game of commonplace elements, which can be found in every everyday life, which, captured by the photographer’s eye, become a moving, universal story about harmony, man and his sensitivity. The “moment” of the title is the time the shutter of a camera is released – the fractions of a second that make a more or less random event a work of art. This change brings an “ordinary” object – an animal, a human – into the realm of the symbolic, and the excellent workshop composition of the photo captures it within an emotive visual experience.

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Marcin Ryczek (

The internationally renowned photographer, whose photo titled “The World. “A Man Feeding Swans in the Snow” won the Grand Prix (first place) at the International Fine-Art Photography Award and was included in the prestigious collection of the Bibliotheque Nationale de France. The Huffington Post also hailed it as one of the most moving photos of 2013. Marcin Ryczek’s photos were published by, among others. National Geographic (USA),The Guardian (UK), Der Spiegel (Germany), Israel – Yedioth Ahronoth (Israel), La Repubblica (Italy), Politiken (Denmark), 20 Minuten (Switzerland), Athens Voice (Greece), The Daily Telegraph (Australia). Individual and group exhibitions have been presented in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), USA (New York, Fort Collins, Miami), Germany (Weimar), China (Beijing), Netherlands (Amsterdam), Romania (Cluj-Napoca), India (Goa), England (London), Austria (Salzburg), Denmark (Copenhagen), Italy (Desenzano del Garda), France (Paris). He uses geometry and symbols in his work. The main principle he follows in photography is the premise of “minimum form, maximum content.”

Prizes and awards:

Grand Prix de Découverte: International Fine-Art Photography Award 2013

LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014

IPA The International Photography Awards 2014

– Chelsea International Fine Art Competition 2014

Grand Press Photo 2014

ND Awards 2014

The Miami Street Photography Festival 2015

New York Photo Festival 2015

Moscow International Foto Awards 2014

LensCulture Exposure Awards 2014

The EPSON International Pano Awards 2014

– OASIS PhotoContest 2015

Grand Press Photo 2014

International Travel Photography Competition 2016

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The Moment” – Limited Edition photography exhibition by Marcin Ryczek

Opening: 20.06.2016, g. 19.00

The exhibition will be available to visit online at:

The exhibition will last until the end of August 2016