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ISOIS Sp. z o.o.
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History of Limited Edition Galleries

Historia Galerii Limited Edition

Limited Edition Art Gallery was founded in 2012 by Iwona Staroszczyk – a graduate of the Faculty of Economics at the University of Economics in Katowice, as well as a scholarship recipient from London’s Hult International Business School in the “Women in Business” category, where she studied the Executive MBA course.

The gallery’s exhibition activities were inaugurated in 2013 with the exhibition Bridges by Darek Pala. The gallery has organized many exhibitions of contemporary art both individually and arranged in thematic series in the fields of painting, sculpture, photography and graphics. Exhibitions supported by catalogs, were organized in the spaces of exhibition halls, among others. on Rozbrat 44 in Warsaw, Radziejowice Palace, Atelier Limited Edition or the famous Zlota 44 skyscraper.

Historia Galerii Limited Edition

In 2014, Limited Edition Art Gallery was one of the first in Poland to organize professionally prepared virtual exhibitions. The first virtual exhibition organized by LE was “Two Faces of Sebastian Bienek.”

Others include. An exhibition of photographs by Marcin Ryczek titled “The Moment” or Beata Czapska’s sculpture exhibition entitled “Pure Form”. At the time, the organization of this type of visual communication required an innovative approach to the subject of exhibitions, combining the latest technologies with a content background.

Since 2015, the gallery has participated in the Warsaw Art Fair. It also belongs to the group of art galleries co-creating Kompas Sztuki and Kompas Młodej Sztuki – rankings of Polish artists.

Limited Edition na Targach Sztuki

Limited Edition Gallery Headquarters

Since 2016, the gallery’s headquarters have been located in Warsaw’s Old Mokotow district. Atelier Limited Edition is a venue for closed events, bringing together a community of collectors, artists and personalities from the art world. The gallery also provides a permanent exhibition of Beata Czapska’s sculptures and sketches at the same address.

Siedziba Galerii Limited Edition

Limited Edition Gallery Mission

The gallery’s mission is to build the artist’s position in the art market through cooperation based on trust between the art dealer and the artist. By design, the gallery’s offer is narrow, consisting of selected works by established visual artists currently in the making, whom the gallery accompanies on their creative journey.

Misja Galeri iLimited Edition

The gallery’s activities go beyond simple art curation, dealing with the documentation of the work of artists who collaborate with the gallery by organizing exhibitions, conducting interviews, to editions of works published by the gallery. Examples include the collector’s editions of digital paintings by Józef Wilkoń in the series “Electronic Impressions” (2016), “Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń” (2019), as well as the famous series of sculptures “Wilkoń’s Bronzes” (2018 and 2019) by this author, which in 2021 were presented at the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow during the exhibition “Royal Animals. Wilkoń at Wawel Castle,” forever inscribing themselves in the history of Polish art.

Działalność wydawnicza Galerii Limited Edition

Publishing activities of Limited Edition Gallery

The gallery is also active in publishing, publishing art books of a high editorial level. among other things, It took part in the co-creation of the collector’s edition of the art book “Ach te Baby” (2019) with accompanying original artwork. The book includes Iwona Staroszczyk’s interview with Jozef Wilkon, which was considered pioneering by Media Family Publishing.
Substantive support for the Gallery is provided by Wieslawa Widerynska – art historian, certified curator in the field of contemporary art, author of critical texts on art as well as organizer of many permanent and temporary exhibitions.