1 The works are delivered to the specified address through a shipping company.

(2) The cost of delivery is calculated and determined during the ordering process by specifying the shipping parameters. The cost of shipping the Work is paid by the Buyer. Completion of the order implies acceptance of delivery costs by the Buyer.

3 Orders are carried out on the territory of Poland. It is also possible to ship abroad. In this case, the terms of sale and shipment of the Work abroad are agreed individually with the Buyer. The buyer who accepts the terms of delivery is obliged to pay a shipping surcharge for the difference between the cost of delivery within the territory of the Republic of Poland and the cost of delivery abroad. Outside the EU, the buyer must expect to incur additional costs in the form of customs duties taxes, etc.

4 The gallery will do its best to make the lead time as short as possible, usually 48h. However, in exceptional cases, delivery may be made in no more than 14 working days and 21 days in the case of Works “on order” or imported from abroad, counting from the day of placing the order. The shipping date may be extended if the Seller has set a vacation covering this period of time or if the Seller has expressly stated in the description of the Work that the shipping date will be longer.

(5) If the Buyer, before shipment of the goods, is informed that the goods may arrive late, he has the right to withdraw from the contract under the terms of §.8. of these Regulations. In this case, the gallery offers compensation in the form of a discount coupon for your next purchase.