Emigration-The United States of Earth

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30 x 50 cm(10 copies), 37.5 x 60 cm(10 copies), 44 x 70 cm(10 copies).


Emigration-The United States of Earth" and dry seal, on the back the author's signature: "Marcin Ryczek


Black and white photography, digital print, Digigraphie® by Epson

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Symmetry in the case of the work “Emigration – The United States of Earth” gives way to a strong political and social message, which, as it were, arose here by accident. The search for the “perfect frame” resulted in the development of the myth of the American Dream, which in the 21st century turns out to be a grotesque collage of plastic and stone block, hard work, consumption and poverty. However, this does not change the fact that the qualities of the photo, especially its captivating composition, are memorable and remain universal enough not to stay for long with only one direction of interpretation.

The edition is available in three formats: 30 x 50 cm, 37.5 x 60 cm, 44 x 70 cm, issued in 10 copies each. For each format, add 5 cm of white margin Digital Obit in Digigraphie technology
\Photo Rag Baryta 315 gr/m2.
\Digigraphie® Certificate of Authenticity.


Marcin Ryczek

He specializes mainly in minimalist and symbolic photography. He uses geometry and symbols in his work. The main principle he follows in photography is the premise of minimum form, maximum content.
Marcin Ryczek’s photographs were presented, among others. In exhibitions in the USA, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, Romania, India, England, Austria, Denmark, Italy, Serbia, Taiwan and France.

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