We’ll make it to spring on a poetic bicycle

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22, Pala

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100 x 150 cm

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In Darek Pala’s paintings, images of four-legged animals appear as faithful human companions. The dogs and cats that are depicted on the canvases usually sit or lie at the feet or in the laps of their human friends. You can see that they seem to share the worries and joys of their companions, and are involved in the events happening in the paintings. The paintings also contain a dose of humor and irony, as do other works by Darek Pala. The animal images continue the artist’s record of insightful observations on human relationships, expanding them to include interspecies relationships.

Darek Pala

Color in the works of Darek Pali is the most important. It is what primarily attracts the attention of the onlooker and forms the basis of his painting. It is undeniably the result of the artist’s formal search, as well as a kind of transmitter of his personal emotions.

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