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22, Pala

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60 x 180 cm

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Darek Pala’s figurative paintings are characterized by intense shades of color, decorative planes and stylization of human figures. The artist has remained faithful to them since his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow in 1987-1992. His work combines lessons from Polish colorism with a graphic sensibility that balances line and color. Over the years, the method of applying paint, the formats of the works and the juxtaposition of colors have evolved, but what has always remained is a distanced reflection on human relationships, attitudes toward animals and nature. Pala’s paintings often make use of exaggerations, satirical deformations and playful titles, constructing a humorous visual poetry.

Darek Pala

Color in the works of Darek Pali is the most important. It is what primarily attracts the attention of the onlooker and forms the basis of his painting. It is undeniably the result of the artist’s formal search, as well as a kind of transmitter of his personal emotions.

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