The everydayness of the human mask

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110 x 130 cm


22, Pala

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Darek Pala, an artist who paints pictures, often shows women in profile, depicting various scenes from their lives – both everyday and more unusual. His paintings also feature men who bring new emotions and moods to the situation. Pala uses simplifications in the figures and faces of his characters, but still manages to convey the mood and emotions of the interactions between men and women. The artist also uses apt and colorful compositions that enhance the feeling behind the paintings. There are also humorous and ambiguous elements in some of the depictions, which further enhance the impact of his works.

Darek Pala

Color in the works of Darek Pali is the most important. It is what primarily attracts the attention of the onlooker and forms the basis of his painting. It is undeniably the result of the artist’s formal search, as well as a kind of transmitter of his personal emotions.

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