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from the series Shadows




150 x 130 x 30 cm


Author's signature on the back of the sculpture "Pastwa, 2012"



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Professor Antoni Janusz Pastwa takes a long time to find the right form, his sculptures are created slowly. As a result, there are not many of them. Each of them is deeply thought out, non-accidental, because, thanks to the strength of his character, the artist never wanted to respond to the expectations of the market. The present work was presented at the exhibition “Form Speaks” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Warsaw Art Fair. It showcases objects sculpted in a variety of materials, which were created at several stages of the artist’s career. The second part of the exhibition was presented in the Warsaw’s Marriott Hotel, with which Limited Edition Gallery cooperates in promoting Polish artists.

Antoni Janusz Pastwa

Antoni Janusz Pastwa

“Antoni J. Pastwa emerges from the experience of the avant-garde and reconstructs the given conversations in a new aesthetic, based on the old forms of wisdom and compassion. A wonderful statement by an experienced master. A poignant proposal to walk together through the emblems of suffering and joy. A conversation of old, still new.” – Yaroslav Mikolajewski

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