Art book “Ach te Baby”.

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Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń






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100 /100, J. Wilkoń

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The art book “Ach te Baby” by Jozef Wilkoń was published in a limited collector’s edition of 100 copies. It contains high-quality reproductions of female nudes, which were created using modern technologies. Finger painting on a tablet, the author has created an impressive collection of paintings showing the beauty of the female body. Each copy of the book is numbered and hand-signed by the Artist. It additionally includes one original collectible graphic in a special case.

The book was published by the Media Family publishing house and premiered during the 17. Warsaw Art Fair in Kubicki Arcades on October 13, 2019. The second edition, aimed at a wide audience, was inaugurated in February 2020. On the occasion of 90. The Artist’s Birthday.

An integral part of the book is Iwona Staroszczyk’s interview with the Master, which introduces us to the world of the nude in Józef Wilkoń’s painting. It was welcomed by the Media Family publishing house, which has published many books illustrated by the Artist, including. in. “Pan Tadeusz,” The Jungle Book.” “As for me – but these are the words of an amateur – this interview is pioneering. And that is the most important thing. Successors will have to stumble over it (…)” – says Bronislaw Kledzik – director of Family Media.


Jozef Wilkoń

Illustration painter, great narrator, versatile artist, sculptor, stage designer, tapestry designer.

He has illustrated nearly 200 books for children and adults published in Poland and approx. 80 issued abroad in the country. Books with the artist’s illustrations have been translated into more than 20 languages. He also illustrates magazines, designs cards, postcards, calendars and other small graphic forms.

Jozef Wilkoń’s works can be found almost all over the world, among others. In Japanese museums and many private collections.

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