Painting exhibition by Jadwiga Maj: “Taming the Time”.

Painting exhibition by Jadwiga Maj: “Taming the Time”.
8.02-22.02 2014
Street. Rozbrat 44a, Warsaw


Offer in Process/Annex - Jadwiga Maj - Taming the time

In Jadwiga Maj's works balancing on the border of abstraction and figuration, at the first moment the viewer's consciousness notices a seemingly cool, orderly, aesthetic plane having reference to the world of technology and nature. This feeling is heightened by the restrained use of color, the lack of color contrasts as well as the use of lasers. However, after the first impression, the viewer is drawn into a passionate process of discovering the successive planes overlapping the canvas. In this case, the creative process usually begins with a sketch, which is an attempt to define the subject. This is followed by the workflow of the painting, which seems to be as important to the artist as the final result. The artwork consists of many layers of painting created over a sometimes long period of time until the intended end result is completely achieved. Jadwiga Maj attaches great importance to texture, using a technique of her own when creating works, inspired by the popular 1950s. painting of matter We can clearly sense that the technical procedures in this case stem from the artist's reflections on the problem of transience. The interest in inclusion is very evident in the theme of the works. Some of them even suggest a resemblance to amber in which insects, beautiful in shape and color, have been embedded. This kind of representation is undoubtedly an attempt to tame the flow of time. What is valuable and beautiful will never perish undergoing transformation into other more perfect entities. The artist sees beauty in the simplest everyday objects as well as in those from the seemingly distant world of technology.

Jadwiga Maj - a graduate of the Department of Industrial Forms at the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow. Diploma in the Department of Color Studies under prof. Antony Haski. He is currently working in painting, graphic design and teaching.

Curator of the exhibition: Wieslawa Widerinska