Group exhibition “Offer in Process”

Group exhibition “Offer in Process”

vernissage 2.12.2013

Exhibition: 3.12 – 31.12.2013

u. Rozbrat 44, Warsaw

Exhibition "Offer in Process" of Limited Edition Art Gallery at Rozbrat 44A in Warsaw.

Limited Edition Art Gallery invites you to the opening of a unique exhibition consisting of works by artists representing different generations, different methods of creative work, expressing themselves through a variety of media. The exhibition will feature current living art: painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography in their original format. We want to convince the viewer that the power of art lies in diversity.

The curator of the exhibition took on the difficult challenge of juxtaposing works with different senses and meanings. One thing the artists participating in the exhibition have in common is undeniably good workshop training and treating the practice of art as a way of life. Among the authors will be names of unquestionable international standing such as Jozef Wilkoń, Marian Schmidt, Rosław Szaybo, Piotr Panasiewicz, Mariusz Wideryński, Darek Pala, Mańka Dowling, Mikołaj Grynberg.

The exhibition will also feature works by promising talented artists. The selection of artists and works of the first installment of "Offerings in Process" is a choice in which, it should be emphasized, the audience also participates, giving attention to this artist and not another, investing in the purchase of his work.

"Olga with a cat" Rafał Michał Szaton

An important part of the exhibition will be the opportunity to make original gifts for Christmas, to purchase original work, often at a price accessible to the average person. "Art under the Christmas tree" will not be just an empty slogan in this case.

The Limited Edition Gallery is a new project and for this reason the exhibition has an open formula. It will feature new names, works, events.

Today, the Gallery invites eager visitors to a free Limited Edition Workshop Day on December 14, during which there will be:

1/ from 12:00 - 14:00, addressed to the youngest, a painting workshop, where children under the guidance of painter Darek Pala will have the opportunity to create their own Christmas tree ornaments using cut-outs.

2/ from 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm how to take atmospheric photography led by Mariusz Widerynski author of, among others. unusual exhibition "Mysteries of Orthodoxy"

Artists participating in the exhibition:

Mańka Dowling (painting)

Mikołaj Grynberg (photography)

Krystyna Hierowska (graphic design)

Paweł Kałużyński (painting)

Barbara Lis (painting)

Jurek Lis (painting)

Jadwiga Maj (painting)

Pola Minster (painting)

Izabela Niemira (cyanotype)

Jędrzej Niezgoda (photography)

Stanislaw Ożóg (drawing)

Piotr Panasiewicz (graphic design)

Darek Pala (painting, graphic design)

Marcin Ryczek (photography)

Katarzyna Stanny (photography, graphic design, author's jewelry)

Rafał Michał Szaton (painting)

Roslaw Szaybo (poster)

Magdalena Szczęśniak (painting)

Marian Schmidt (photo)

Dominik Tarabański (photography)

Mateusz Torbus (photography)

Monika Wejcman (painting)

Józef Wilkoń (painting, sculpture)

Mariusz Widerinski (photography)

The opening of the exhibition is scheduled for December 3, 2013 at 7 pm at the stationary gallery at Rozbrat 44a in Warsaw. The entire exhibition will also be available for viewing at the online gallery