Group exhibition “Action Carnation”.

Group exhibition “Action Carnation”.
From March 10 to April 20, 2014
Stationary exhibition: Atelier Limited Edition

Action Carnation !

According to ancient symbolism prevailing in European culture, all the beauty and perfection of the world is reflected in flowers.

The carnation, an otherwise pretty flower that carries the ideological ballast of a bygone era like no other, has grown into a Peacetime symbol. Wrapped in gray paper, often withered and broken, it was dutifully offered to all women, without exception.

And so in the coarse communist Poland. The eighth day of March blossomed with the colors of carnations. The history of this beautiful flower and its depreciation during the communist era fascinated one of the best and most successful Polish poster designers - Andrzej Pągowski. Courtesy of the artist and Discovery History, the Limited Edition exhibition will feature an interesting combination of prints, film and animation - showcasing the history of the carnation.

Few people know about the second meaning of carnation. Delving into the symbolism of flowers, one discovers that it is admiration. By inviting renowned artists to participate in the exhibition, the curator of the exhibition wants to restore the carnation to its original meaning, presenting flower painting, the determinant of which is the talent and perfect mastery of the workshop by the artists. We want to show images that are difficult to remain indifferent to. When painting a still life, it is very easy to become cliché. Our exhibition aims to prove that what matters in art is talent, knowledge of the craft, and the subject matter is actually secondary. Visitors to the gallery will have the opportunity to admire a phenomenal bouquet of field flowers painted in watercolor by the great artist Józef Wilkoń. The timeless magic of flowers in art will be reminded by realistic oil paintings by Janusz Szpyt, an artist recognized as a true personality in Polish contemporary painting. It will also be worth noting the brightened color range, soft drawing and as if melted in fog bouquets of Jozef Gazda - compared in the way of painting to the excellent Olga Boznanska. The paintings of the old masters will be evoked in her painting by Agata Wozniak - Niemkiewicz, who is an educated conservator. The trend of the classics also includes flowers by Jan Przełomec, a painter with roots in the Cracow school, a pupil of Czesław Rzepiński and Zbigniew Pronaszko. The artist draws on the color traditions of European painting, and delights in form and refined color. Among the works on display will be floral impressions by one of Russia's most acclaimed photographers, Vladimir Vyatkin.

The theme of flowers presented in a classical way is timeless. However, just this kind of imaging brings a certain monotony to the exposition. For amateurs of expressive painting, we offer flowers painted with an interesting paint-blowing technique, created by Agnieszka Nowinska, who lives in the USA. Darek Pala's abstractions, full of energetic colors, are also sure to catch the eye. The works of Rafał Michael Szaton, a student of Pin Morales from the close circle of Salvador Dali, who lives and works in Spain, also deserve recognition. The whole will be complemented by unusual, stylized paintings of flowers by Izabela Markowska, Aneta Jaźwińska and the extraordinary painter Mańka Dowling, who has lived in London for years.

The works shown at the exhibition, importantly, were not specially made by the artists for the occasion. Someone once said that flowers in painting do not wilt.

Everyone will have the opportunity to marvel at the beauty of flowers, as seen through the eyes of talented sensitive artists. We hope that after March 8, 2014, the slogan "carnation" will take on a whole new meaning.