Gabriela Cichowska’s painting exhibition: Bears and Bears

Exhibition of works by Gabriela Cichowska
“Bears and Bears”.
Atelier Limited Edition
Street. Św. Andrzeja Boboli 6/12, Warsaw


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Exhibition of works by Gabriela Cichowska

Bears and Bears

Exhibition of works by Gabriela Cichowska at Atelier Limited Edition and virtual exhibition at: combined with author’s workshops for children at Atelier Limited Edition (ul. Św. Andrzeja Boboli 6/12, Warsaw) by prior telephone appointment: +48 502 381 176

Curator of the exhibition: Wieslawa Widerinska

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Limited Edition Gallery in Warsaw and Gabriela Cichowska, an award-winning illustrator, invite you to a Children’s Day workshop on Saturday (June 1). The classes serve as an introduction to the exhibition Bears and Bears, which will be on display from June 7 until the end of August at the Atelier Gallery Limited Edition. The exhibition will present Cichowska’s works oscillating around representations of the bear.

Bears and Bears, is a project that will include an exhibition of the artist’s works combined with original workshops for children. The initiative aims to popularize art, which translates into the creative development of children, shaping their tastes from an early age. During the class, young painting enthusiasts will make colorful portraits of the king of the forest – the bear, which is a constant motif in Gabriela Cichowska’s work. Children will be able to polish their skills under the guidance of a professional who will guide them through the world of art. The goal of the workshop is to prepare younger kids for conscious participation in art, introducing them to selected terms and techniques.

Gabriela Cichowska’s art is characterized by freshness and authenticity, unconventionality of applied workshop solutions, those grown out of tradition and those developed, her own. Her work, however often associated with a literary background, providing a garment for foreign thoughts, can also fully exist outside the volume. On the other hand, her pure art, endowed with the quality of poetic mood-building, melancholic imagination, can provide fodder for the imagination of an artist operating with words and be an interesting source of inspiration for her,” comments Dr. Dariusz Leśnikowski, theater director, art critic.

Throughout the workshop, children will discover fun that teaches. Specially prepared themes of classes adapted to the age of young artists will be an unforgettable experience and the beginning of a great adventure with the world of art. The interesting workshop format will enable younger participants to discover new aspects of illustration and find out that contact with art can be easy, enjoyable and inspiring.

The most interesting work will be rewarded with a book by Przemysław Wechterowicz’s The Tale of the Read Bear and the Rabbit Who Fell from the Sky, featuring unique illustrations by Gabriela Cichowska, which emphasize the eloquence of the fairy tale text and stir the reader’s imagination.

Complementing the actual exhibition will be a virtual ARTEexhibition available online at: www and on the website of the Market and Art portal

* Gabriela Cichowska’s paintings will be available for purchase at a nice teddy bear price (from about PLN 1,200 to PLN 3,500).

Gabriela Cichowska – painter, graphic designer and book illustrator. She was born in 1984 in Poland. She is a graduate of the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts. Jan Matejko in Krakow. Since 2011. As a lecturer at the Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. The publications she illustrates are characterized by bold ideas and innovative forms that build creativity in the perception of the book. The artist has received many national and international awards. A special mention goes to Opera Prima – 1st prize for debut at the 2009 Bologna International Book Fair for his illustrations for the book Fantje, Gimpel Verlag (published in Poland by Muchomor publishing house titled: Słoniątko). In 2014. She was honored with Germany’s Gustav Heinemann Peace Prize for her collaborative work, the book The Last Performance of Mrs. Esterka (text by Adam Jaromir).

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Exhibition Bears and Bears – ARTEkspozycja online (from 06.06.2019) and stationary exhibition at Atelier Limited Edition (ul. Św. Andrzeja Boboli 6/12, Warsaw) (by telephone appointment: +48 502 381 176) from 07.06.2019. Limited Edition Gallery – Online exhibition available in Polish:


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