Exhibition of digital paintings by Józef Wilkoń: “Wilkoń on the 52nd Floor”.

An exhibition of digital paintings by Józef Wilkoń:
“Wilkoń on the 52nd Floor”.
10.05 – 31.05.2019
Zlota 44 skyscraper, Warsaw



Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń

For the media

Ladies and gentlemen, two important world events are currently underway: the celebration of the 500th anniversary of Leonardo Da Vinci’s death in Western Europe, and the opening of Józef Wilkoń at the 52nd International Art Fair. The first floor of the Zlota 44 skyscraper – with such words the numerous guests were welcomed by the Host of the luxury Zlota 44 apartment building, Mr. Rafal Szczepanski, President – We are all fans of Józef Wilkoń and it is an honor for us to host the Master. When we invited Józef Wilkoń, we suspected that the Master’s nudes combined with our interior on the 52nd floor would make an electrifying impression. But what happened here exceeded our wildest expectations.

Jozef Wilkoń’s recent paintings – female nudes – which were created using modern technology, have become an excuse to glorify his work. At the invitation of Zlota 44 and in cooperation with Limited Edition Gallery, which has been promoting the Master’s work for years, the idea of organizing a unique event was born – private view, an unusual form of meeting that encourages dialogue between the audience and the artist and thus fits in with the latest global exhibition trends.

– The main inspiration for this event is the figure of Józef Wilkoń himself – an outstanding personality for the Polish cultural heritage. The event allows viewers to see new aspects in the work of an extraordinary figure like Jozef Wilkoń, who surprises audiences and enchants more and more art lovers with his work. Wilkoń returns to the act after more than 60. years while being open to different techniques, which he boldly uses – he paints nude female bodies with his finger on an iPad. It is a phenomenon, I think even on a global scale, worthy of attention and promotion. – emphasizes Iwona Staroszczyk, owner of Limited Edition Gallery.

-After going through many stages and numerous artistic transformations, Wilkoń is still active in the professional field, creating more and more new projects. It was once said of Jozef Wilkon that he was hellishly talented. It’s true – he’s a versatile artist, and no matter what medium he uses, he simply succeeds. – Wieslawa Widerinska, curator of the exhibition, said.

-The nudes came from my head, from my imagination,” the Master said during the opening, “When asked why I decided to return to the nude, I usually answer that I wanted to show that I haven’t forgotten what naked women look like. – concluded Jozef Wilkoń.

The extraordinary space of the 600m2 apartment, which offers a breathtaking view of the Warsaw skyline, was an integral part of the “Wilkoń on the 52nd floor” exhibition, allowing you to fully experience subtle beauty in its pure form.

The artist has been working with digital painting for about three years, and the series of works Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń was created out of a need for self-creation. The works have been released in a collector’s limited edition of 5 pieces, using Digigraphie technology to guarantee the quality and durability of the works for decades. The digital technique used allowed Jozef Wilkoni to introduce a novelty from the borderline of painting and printmaking, as if the artist himself, using his impressive body of work, decided to break conventions and habits. The space of Zlota 44 influenced the unique atmosphere of the event.

Organizers: Limited Edition Gallery, Zlota 44

Sponsor Galaxy Food and Beverage Holding

Music setting: Synergy Sound