Act, 2001

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oil / board




40 x 30 cm


Author's signature: "Dżochowski W., 2001."

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Wiktor Dżochowski

Victor Dzhokhovsky

Victor Dzhokhovsky was able, with a few brush strokes, to achieve the suggestion of distant horizons of remembered landscapes. While working in the watercolor technique, which requires quick painting decisions, he gained extraordinary freedom in oil painting, in a simple way, without unnecessary philosophy, painting the world around him full of beauty, lyricism, melancholy. In a skillful, flawless manner, he was able to freeze a fleeting moment on canvas, board or paper. The most banal things such as crumbling huts or fragments of beloved Przemysl, delight in the play of color and light and some elusive mood. Art was present all the time in Viktor Dzhokhovsky’s life, in a moment of crisis it allowed him to communicate with his surroundings. He was helped by his specific intellect, extraordinary visual memory and the imagination of the creator. Painting was the artist’s link to life. The artist, despite adversity, did not lose his enthusiasm for work, with the visual language he developed, he conveyed his sensitivity to us, which can be commented on in the words of Bohumil Hrabal: This world is possessively beautiful, not because it is, but because I see it that way.”

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