Reception in honor of Beata Czapska on the occasion of the awarding of the medal of Merit in Culture

A reception in honor of Beata Czapska on the occasion of the awarding of the medal of Merit to Culture – Gloria Artis by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage. The reception was held
6.12.2019 at Atelier Limited Edition, ul. St. Andrzeja Boboli 6/12, Warsaw.


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Birthday exhibition of Master Józef Wilkoń

Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń

Exhibition of the latest works by Józef Wilkoń – a virtual exhibition of Limited Edition Gallery ( combined with a temporary exhibition in the New Palace Art House in Radziejowice (ul. Sienkiewicza 4, Radziejowice, by appointment by phone with the reception desk, T: (46) 857 71 75)

Curator of the exhibition: Wieslawa Widerinska

Limited Edition Gallery (

The Limited Edition Art Gallery and the House of Creative Work in Radziejowice invite you to an exhibition titled “The work of the artist”. “Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń”, presenting a unique series of paintings by Józef Wilkoń created using modern technologies. The exhibition can be viewed from 13.02.2019 to 07.04.2019 at the New Palace Art House in Radziejowice (4 Sienkiewicza Street, Radziejowice). Complementing the actual exhibition will be a virtual ARTEexhibition available online at: Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń is a series of paintings by Józef Wilkoń created with the use of modern technology – they were painted with a finger on a tablet and published by Limited Edition Gallery of Warsaw on the occasion of the 89th Warsaw International Fair. Artist’s birthday as a collectible print. The project is co-organized by the House of Creative Work in Radziejowice, where you can see a temporary exhibition of these extraordinary works. This exhibition will feature 30 selected objects that have not been available for sale to date. The works were released in an exclusive, signed and hand-numbered limited edition of 5 pieces. The objects were printed using Digigraphie technology, on 100 x 75 cm canvas. The nobility of the material and the printing technology have given these images a timeless character and durability that will satisfy the most demanding collectors. – Some acts were drawn in great simplification, like a sign emerging from the darkness. Others, not devoid of narrative and attributes of everyday life, delight in the poetics of simplicity and harmony. They are a kind of self-images remembered by the artist (…) Looking at the images painted by Wilkonia, we have the impression that we are dealing with a kind of dialogue between the artist and the images of the nude throughout the history of art. One can see the light of Caravaggio, Rembrandt or Giorgione in them. Also in theme and color we find analogies to women painted by Lucas Cranach’s “Three Graces,” Giorgione’s “Sleeping Venus,” or Boucher’s “Portrait of Marie-Luise,” comments exhibition curator Wieslawa Wiredyńska. Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń is the result of the third artistic collaboration between the Master and Limited Edition Gallery. In 2016, Wilkonia’s Electronic Impressions series was published, and in 2018 a collection of unique bronze sculptures was created, titled “Wilkonia’s Electronic Impressions”. Wilkonia’s bronzes. These works are available exclusively in the Limited Edition Gallery. The exhibition will be on display at the New Palace Art House in Radziejowice, (ul. Sienkiewicza 4, by appointment by phone with the reception desk, T: (46) 857 71 75) and virtually at www., from February 13 to April 7, 2019.

Illustrator, painter, sculptor, set designer. He was born on February 12, 1930 in Bogucice near Wieliczka. He lives and works in Zalesie Dolne. From 1947 to 1949 he attended the High School of Fine Arts in Cracow (Roman Cieślewicz and Franciszek Starowieyski also studied in the same class). In 1950, he began his studies in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow in the studio of Prof. Adam Marczynski (he received his diploma in 1955). At the same time, he studied art history at the Jagiellonian University, receiving his master’s degree in 1954.

Jozef Wilkoń is one of the most prominent Polish artists involved in illustration. His output in this field consists of nearly two hundred books, both for children and adults. The publications he illustrated have been translated into more than 20 languages. Jozef Wikoń’s works can be seen, among others. In Japanese museums and many private collections. His body of work includes dozens of group exhibitions and more than 60 solo exhibitions, including: Gallery in der Biberstrasse (Vienna, 1964), MAG Gallery (Zurich, 1980), Centre Pompidou (Paris, 1989), Museum of Illustration in Troisdorf (Berlin, 2000), Museum of Illustration (Toyama, Oshima 2001), Zachęta National Art Gallery (Warsaw, 2006/2007). Among the many awards, the Deutsche Jugendbuchpreiss (1966) or the Japanese Owl Prize (1984), which is awarded by a child-adult jury, hold a special place. The artist has also received many awards at international gatherings including. Honorary Award in the competition for the illustration to Don Quixote in Buenos Aires (1965), Gold Medal and Honorary Award at the BIB in Bratislava (1969, 1973), Premio Grafico in Bologna (1974, 1991), Andersen Premio in Geneva (1998).

Limited Edition Art Gallery is an online gallery of contemporary art bringing together leading representatives of the Polish and international art scene. The gallery offers works by masters of painting: Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee, Salvador Dali, Marc Chagal, Joan Miró; native classics: Józef Wilkoń, Janusz Stanny, Beata Czapska, Tadeusz Dominik; and young artists with an established position in Poland and around the world: Marcin Ryczek, Rafał Michał Szaton and Paul Bik. The gallery’s mission is to promote carefully selected works of painting, printmaking and collectible photography in line with the latest art market trends and modern technologies. It was one of the first in Poland to undertake the organization of completely virtual exhibitions combining professional facilities with universal accessibility. Limited Edition is the only online gallery participating in the prestigious Kompas Young Art ranking. The gallery has participated in the Warsaw Art Fair for many years.

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Since 1965, the palace began to serve as a House of Creative Work for Cultural Creators. Writers, publicists, actors, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists come here. For thirty years, Jerzy Waldorff was a permanent resident of the palace. Today the palace is the most important cultural center of the region. It hosts numerous concerts, exhibitions, theatrical performances, workshops and open-air events. The palace is the only and unique center in the whole of Poland, which creates conditions for the development and promotion of culture in all its fields.

Exhibition , “Nude in the paintings of Józef Wilkoń”- ARTEkspozycja online (from 13.02.2019) and exhibition in the New Palace Art House in Radziejowice (ul. Sienkiewicza 4, Radziejowice, by telephone appointment with the reception, T: (46) 857 71 75) from 13.02.2019.

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