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Fairy tales

Janusz Stanny

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Fairy tales

Janusz Stanny

  • Medium: watercolor on paper
  • Dimensions: 28x42 cm
  • Signature: hand-signed

Interesting fact

Janusz Stanny is a legend of Polish illustration, poet, academic teacher. He made illustration, book graphic, poster, drawing and satirical animated film. He illustrated more than 200 books. Creator of copyright books for children in which the transmission of literary forms a whole with the concept of artistic "Tale of King Dardanelu," "The painter ruddy like a brick," "Horse and Cat". Master grade won many awards in the country and the world, including 1966 Second Prize in the competition in Buenos Aires for the illustrations to "Don Quixote" by M. Cervantes, 1968 "Premio Grafico" on the ICC in Bologna for the illustrations for "Enchanted Tailor" H. Januszewska, 1971 Gold Medal of the IBA in Leipzig for the illustrations to "The Adventures Sinbad "B. Leśmian, 1972 Silver Medal at the Fair in Moscow as a" tale of king Dardanelu "1975 Medal BIB in Bratislava for the" Lions "H. Januszewska, 1976" Premio Europeo "in Padua for the" Lions "H. Januszewska, 1977 Medal BIB in Bratislava for "Fairy Tales" by H. Ch. Andersen, 1998 Entry on the International IBBY Honour List for illustrations to the book "Cheating Flea". In 2003. He received the Medal of the Polish Section of IBBY for Lifetime Achievement for children and youth and in 2006. Gloria Artis Gold Medal.
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