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History of Limited Edition Art Gallery

How it has begun..

We are not the people from the world of art but from the corporate world. However, what unites us is a huge passion for contemporary art. Thanks to this passion we created a child called Limited Edition Gallery of Accessible Art, which offers mostly limited edition engravings and collector's photography as well as other works such as painting created on art papers.

The paper turned out to be the key to the biggest names in the world of contemporary art, such as Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Joan Miró, Salvador Dali, Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and many others. 

Engraving is in fact a technique by which a number of originals is issued. Artist creates a plate, from which a predetermined number of copies is printed. Each of these prints is evaluated by the Artist and if it meets the expectations, is hand signed and numbered. The result is a small limited edition of an artwork, usually from a few to several hundreds.

The exceptions are for instance lithographs issued on the occasion of the artist exhibition, who creates them. They are published in large editions, even several thousands.These works are not hand signed (only several dozen, the rest is signed from plate on not signed at all) but for sure they are original, the first and often the only editions.

It also happens that a reprint of the first edition is created, reproduced with the consent of the Artist or by himself and released by legendary publishing house.
These works often are not signed, or are signed from the plate, but the brand of the publisher and copyrights prove their authenticity. It is important, however,
that in most cases these are limited editions as well. We are dealing here with greater editions, accessible to a wider audience extending beyond the museums and the wealthiest collectors.

The tradition of engraving has a very interesting, rich and centuries-old history. We especially identify with the activities of a Parisian Publishing Printing Mourlot Studio, which in 1976 took over the maps printing house Michard Printing Company. This part of its history is very close to us, because the founders of Mourlot Printing Studio - Fernand Mourlot (1895-1988) and his brothers - effectively led to the revival of lithographic art in Paris between the two world wars. Leading
Mourlot studio worked with artists such as Matisse, Picasso, Miró, Dubuffet, Braque, Chagall, Giacometti, Cocteau, Calder and many other great names of the twentieth century.

We were there and we saw a studio in Montparnasse, in which atelier Mourlot had printed its artwork years ago, using historical lithographic presses, from which had come so many major contemporary works of art. Incredible is the climate where artists such as Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Joan Miró or Marc Chagall had prepared plates from which their assistants, including artists, printed lithographs on these machines.

It is hardly surprising to us that we fell in love with the engraving of the Spotless Mind :-)

Following the track of limited editions we decided to spread the uniqueness of another branch of art - collector's photography.

Visiting Vienna last year during the month of photographic art we were struck by the fact that the collector's photography in the world markets has been an equal field of contemporary art for a long time now, achiving the prices of best contemporary art created in other techniques. In comparison, the Polish market of collector's photography is emerging. Therefore, it has a great potential and is the branch of art, which is definitely worth investing in. Current prices of collector's photography in Poland are very affordable and we firmly believe that over the years will only grow. We understand that there are people in Poland who appreciate the artistry stuck in the frame, light, shadow, stage of one's life, recording the passing reality. Because nothing more refers to emotions and atmosphere of the situation than the picture .. and if additionally has artistic and market value, we need to help people to discover the need for surrounding also this art field.

That is why we invited a great photographic artists that created specifically for us limited editions of their best photos. As with engraving, edition of each
photograph is specified, so each of you can hang on the wall something absolutely special, unique, affordable, without fear that the photograph will be reproduced
outside of a predetermined number of prints in the given format. Each photo in our store is hand-signed by the artists.

Another great inspiration for us is Rafal Michal Szaton's painting. He is a student of Pin Morales, a painter from a close circle of Salvador Dali. Szaton lives in
Valencia, Spain. He creates mainly ceramic painting. We fell in love with his art: a great workshop and an incredibly rich mix of styles make this artist's works very
recognizable and distinctive. We decided to create for him additional place on our website calles "other art" - that goes beyond engraving and collector's photography. Especially for us Szaton paints on the large size thick paper art in acrylic and ink technique.

Through our initiative we would like first of all to share with you the love for engraving, photography, painting and contemporary art in general, which happened to us
personally. We offer you artworks which are very special, unique and valuable, not only in the material sense (because the value of these works will surely increase
over time), but intellectual - just with art. Because who would not want to surround themselves with art. We give you this opportunity by making artworks of the
greatest artists of contemporary art and great promising artists of recent art available for you.

Here we created a refined fusion of dreams and our abilities, acquired skills and great passion for contemporary art. All the result we have called Poland's first and only Limited Edition Gallery of Accessible Art outgoing with art to the people. Our primary value is availability, which is why our works are available for each customer at one click ... We put in your hands a powerful tool - a web gallery, which aims to make the work of our wonderful artists accessible. Because we understand that each of us has a deeply rooted desire to surround themselves with authentic art, but not everyone has the opportunity to experience this possibility in a world filled with mass range of prints offered by chain stores without a valid alternative. Our offer is addressed to people who do not necessarily go to the galleries because of various objective reasons. We want to make you feel good and confident in the world of art, meticulously describing each of our works, than let you take them home, try to the wall, and if they do not feet, smoothly retun them to us.

We invite you to shop :)