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2/4, Górnicki

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Tomasz Górnicki is one of the sculptors already recognized, and his artistic activity has already become part of the history of Polish contemporary art. His great achievement was the sensational result of the first-ever auction of the NFT token, a digital image of the Artist’s original work, achieved 62 times the asking price. A digital 3D model created based on Górnicki’s original “Fortune” sculpture was auctioned. The online auction lasted 3 days and ended with a result of 312,700 zlotys, with the auction fee. The auction was organized by the portal. The sculpture as a physical object – a bronze casting, 70 cm in height – could be seen at the booth during the 18th Warsaw Art Fair.

The winner became the owner of the NFT token, a digital image of the artist’s original work. The bronze sculpture itself has been donated to the permanent collection of the Silesian Museum in Katowice. Thus, it will cease to function in the commercial art market. Only the NFT token will remain on it.

The digital object is compatible with Metaverse, and can be viewed in the Artinfo gallery at: and on the OpenSea platform:

The token holder will be able to take full advantage of the digital representation of the 3D object in virtual galleries, games and the wider Metaverse.

Tomasz Górnicki

Tomasz Górnicki

One of the most interesting and talented sculptors currently working. He was born on 01.11.1986. He graduated with honors from the Department of Sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw in 2010 in the studio of Janusz Antoni Pastwa. His interests revolve around realism, his leitmotif is physicality, a vehicle that brings in the symbolic world, a route towards archetypes. His urban activities provoke questions and never leave the viewer indifferent. It uses the language of symbols, mainly religious, philosophical and psychological.

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